Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mourning Joy

Good Mourning Widows,

"Joy to the world. Joy to you and me."

There is a book by Natalie Goldberg, Long Quiet Highway. In it Natalie describes her relationship with Buddhist Monk, Katagiri Roshi. Lovingly, I glean her words and share them with you. As we go about our lives today let us remember Him, as Natalie remembers her mentor.

From Long Quiet Highway, by Natalie Goldberg:

"Suzuki Roshi once said about questioning our life, our purpose, 'It's like putting a horse on top of a horse and then climbing on and trying to ride. Riding a horse by itself is hard enough. Why add another horse? Then it's impossible.' We add that extra horse when we constantly question ourselves rather than just live out our lives, and be who we are at every moment."

Thank you, Natalie.

And now for Mourning Joy:

Q: What building has more stories?

A: A library.

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