Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mourning Joy

Good Mourning Widows and anybody else out there who happened to flit on in!

Joy to you and me!

It's two years, two months, 29 days, ten hours, 29 minutes, and 30 seconds since I last held Edward Louis Sclier in my arms - But who's counting? - It wasn't supposed to happen. We had planned to grow old together, retire together, hold hands. Right now, at this very moment *I just checked my watch*, I'm supposed to be two airplane rides away from here, someplace far, warm, and exciting. I like to think Ed's already there.

Today's Mourning quote comes from Emerson. I took it off the coffee mug Ed gave me the very first time he saw me right after our very first date.

"A friend is a present you give yourself."

Today, after we think of Him, why not make a friend. Start with yourself. Then pick up a pen.

And now for Mourning Joy.

From Debbie Huey:

Q: What can make an octapus Laugh?

A: Ten tickles (tenticles)

Remember: Have a Joyful day!


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