Thursday, September 28, 2006

And I love you so...

Goffa International manufactures plush toys -- Teddy Bears, stuffed rabbits, colorful caterpillars, and raggedy rag dolls. They have a factory in Guan Zhou. Each January Ed traveled to Hong Kong for the Annual Toy Fair. I got to go with Him. I got to go with Him eight times.

If you stand on the steps of The Peninsula Hotel in Kowloon and gaze out across Victoria Harbor, you will see tall buildings the colors of cinnamon, peach, and celery pressed neatly into a misty mountain landscape. It is a delicious view. If you close your eyes and stand very still, you will hear voices. One bright Sunday afternoon I told Edward about the voices.

"They frightened me," I said.

We were walking back to The Royal Garden Hotel from a trip to the museum of history. I held Ed's hand tight, tighter, tightest -- As if it were for the last time.

Ed said, "That's quite an imagination you've got, Linda. You should write a book."

I said, "I just know this is my last trip to Hong Kong."

Placing his arm around my waist, Ed asked, "Why do you say that?"

I didn't have the heart to say the words out loud. Because the voices spoke of death. They said, "Someone will die."

And I thought that the someone was me.

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