Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mourning Joy - Sunday

Good Mourning Widows. Joy to the world.

Today we honor Coretta Scott King, famous widow to civil rights activist, Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I'm fulfilled in what I do...I never thought that a lot of money or fine clothes...the finer things of life...would make you happy. My concept of happiness is to be filled in a spiritual sense."

Here's to happiness in every sense.

Today is another day without Him. A new friend, RM, says, "I'll be watching to see if you are still counting the days since Edward's death..."

To this I say *lifting coffee mug*,

Here's to new friends. May they become old friends.
Here's to days gone by filled with old memories that hurt and sting.
May the pain fade like smoke and joy remain.
Here's to new days. New joy.
Here's to RM for waking me aware. *I made it up*

Today's Mourning Joy:

Q: What did the sock say to the foot?

A: You're putting me on!

Have a Joy filled day.

And remember, we're not alone.

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