Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mourning Joy

"Do great things in your life, but do small things as well."

Good Mourning Widows.
Joy to you and me.
Today we welcome famous widow Eileen Ryan to our joyous club.
Eileen was wife of famous director Leo Penn. In addition to her own acting credits, she is mother of actors Sean Penn and Chris Penn and musician Michael Penn.
She continues acting and starred as grandma to sons Sean and Chris in the movie "Feast."
After we remember Him, what great thing, what small thing can we write about in our journal?
Why not pick up a pen.
Go ahead. I dare you.
Mourning Joy:
Q: Why are spiders like tops?
A: Because they spin.
Have a joyful day Widows. And remember, we're not alone.

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments! I'm glad people get my sarcastic kind of humor! You being one of them!!!



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