Wednesday, October 11, 2006

There is always someone...

...for each of us, they say
and you'll be my someone
forever and a day

i could search the whole world over...

and i know i'll never find

The autumn leaves are Westchester, New York. A soft breeze plinks music on a windchime hanging outside my window. In my mind's eye memories of autumns past, happy times with Ed, loop my brain.

I remember spring, summer, winter, and more.

I remember...

...We married in Manhattan, at the United Nations non-denominational chapel. Edward wore a blue suit. I wore a lace dress, the color of champagne. Wisps of baby's breath haloed my head. I carried a bouquet of sonia roses ribboned in creamy satin. We wrote our vows, omitted words, Til death do us part.

I said, Too morbid.

He said, We'll be married forever.

Before a Unitarian minister, we spoke words quoting Camus. It was after the organist played, and the soloist sang, You Light Up My Life.

This is what we said:

Do not walk ahead of me
I may not follow
Do not walk behind me
I may not lead
Just walk beside me
And be my friend
Edward Louis Sclier, my best friend, you light up my life. I love you. Forever.

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