Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mourning Joy - A chicken in every pot...

Good Mourning Widows. Happy Election day!

Today I urge each and every one of us to unite. And get out and vote. I don't care who you cast your ballot for, I just care that our voices be heard. We are widows. And we are important!

After we remember Him, vote.

Get out and do the Great American thing!

Go ahead. Do it. I dare you.

More Mourning Joy:

Now reward yourself Widows. Have fun. Make joy. Maybe put a chicken in a pan.

In the early days, politicians promised voters a chicken in every pot.

Well, here's my recipe for chicken in a pan:

Get a heavy pan. I like the heavy black iron kind.

Get a whole chicken.
Cut it in pieces.
Leave it on the bone.
Season it with salt and pepper.

Squiggle some Canola oil in that heavy pan.

Place that chicken in it, skin side down.
Do the legs and thighs first.
Sprinkle a little rosemary over it.

Cover it.
Let it cook in its own juices for a little bit.

Get some bacon strips.
Roll them up.
Stick a toothpick through the center of each one.
Place the bacon in the pan. In between the chicken parts, silly. That's where.
Put the lid back on the pan.

Get a yellow onion and cut it up.
In 1/4's
then stick it in the pan with the chicken parts and bacon.
Season with salt.

Cover it.

Get some small potatoes.
The little red ones are good.
Wash them, cut them--in half.

Place the potatoes cut up in a bowl and drizzle a little olive oil over them.
Mix them with your fingers until they are covered in oil.

Get a couple hot cherry peppers--they sell them in a jar--cut them up--don't include the seeds. That's where the heat is. Just the peppers.
Now place it all in the big black frying pan and cover it.
Low flame.

Cook 15-20 minutes.

Then serve.

And why not invite a friend to join you for dinner -- Remember we're not alone -- unless we choose it.

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