Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mourning Joy

"Try to spend your life in happiness. Just say I love you."
--Yaketerina Gordeyeva

Good Mourning Widows!

Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome famous widow and champion ice skater Yaketerina Gordeyeva to our joyful club.

Yaketerina was married to world famous skater Sergei Grinkov who died in November 1995 of a massive heart attack at age 28. They were world famous pairs skaters.

Left to raise their only daughter, Daria, Yaketerina honored Sergei's memory and the life they shared by skating her first solo performance on February 29, 1996 to Mahler's Symphony No. 5 in which she portrayed herself, "A young woman looking for her lost love."

With the aid of Author E. M. Swift, Yaketerina wrote "My Sergei: A Love Story," published in 1996, and in 1998, a second book, "A Letter For Daria."

You may recall seeing Yaketerina promoting Rolex watches and most recently, appearing with daughter, Daria, in "Got Milk?" ads. Today, Katerina skates with her daughter, Daria.

After we remember Him, finger hug your pen.

Write something.

Write about happiness. Yours. Or, someone else's.

Write about love.

Just do it.

Go ahead.

I dare you.

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Q: What did one scale say to the other scale?

A: You have a way about you.

Have a joyful day Widows. And remember, we're not alone!

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  1. Linda,

    Wow! With each new widow you highlight on this blog I realize just what a HUGE club this is. And anyone can become a member at ANY time.

    Thanks for creating that awareness.


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