Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mourning Joy

Good Mourning Widows!

Joy to you and me.

Welcome famous widow Joanne Byrd Rogers to our joyous club -- The club that takes no volunteers.

"Mrs. Rogers" was married to famous "Mr. Rogers" who needs no introduction for 50 years. She continues her husband's philosophy to tell kids what to expect from new experiences and works to spread his message. She has prepared a DVD.

Appearing on CBS/The Early Show shortly after "Mr. Roger's" death, she told parents, "I'd like them to take away the fact that they are the most important people in their children's life. They can be the one to help them best. They know their child best."

After we remember Him, finger hug your pen.

What is your message? What do you want children to know--Or not know?


Go ahead.

I dare you.

More Mourning Joy:

Q: What do you have if an ax falls on your car?

A: An ax-i-dent! (accident)

Have a joyful day Widows! And remember, we're not alone.

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  1. Gee. It's not such "a wonderful day in the neighborhood" anymore without Mr. Rogers.

    Thanks again for sharing another widow's story with us, Linda.

    Suzanne Lieurance
    The Working Writer's Coach


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