Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mourning Joy

Good Mourning Widows!

Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome famous widow Cathy Schembechler to our joyous club widow of famous football coach, University of Michigan, Bo Schembechler.

In 1993, Cathy married Bo. As you know, Bo, age 77, collapsed and died yesterday.

Something Bo said to a reporter in a past interview:

..."That's probably the last thing in my world right now."

After we remember Him, finger hug your pen.

What is the last thing you remember doing in your world right now?

Why not write about it? Go for ten minutes.

Go ahead.

I dare you!

More Mourning Joy:

Q: Why did the tree see the dentist?

A: To get a root canal.

Have a joyful day Widows! And remember, we're not alone.


Special Note to Mrs. Bo Schembechler: Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. May your coming days be filled with mourning joy.

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  1. Linda:

    Thanks for including this tribute to Bo and Cathy Schembechler. I saw your post this morning and was quite pleased to see you honor them in this way.

    It's really a great kindness you do to the widows you serve and, by extension, to the rest of us.



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