Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Mourning Joy - January 13, 2007

"I hate that box -- In it or Out of it. I never get it right."
Good Mourning Widows.
Joy to you and me!
Today is Saturday, January 13, 2007.
It's a rainy one here 20 miles north from where the World Trade Center used to be.
It is two years, 8 months, 13 days, 5 hours, 11 minutes, 30 seconds since Edward Sclier died. But, who's counting.
On days like today, I remember Him.
Izzy just came in from his morning walk. He's shook his self all over, and scampered up the steps to the bedroom. By now he's buried his furry body what smells like an Oreo cookie under the covers and made a warm spot just for me. Soon as I write this post, click send, I'm back to bed for my tidy mourning nap.
That's My Mourning Joy.
What's yours?
Happy Saturday Widows.
Until we meet again...
I'm remembering Him;
And I'm thinking of you.
Have a joy-filled day. And remember, we're not alone.
P.S. Oh yeah, almost forgot. The photo above is of Izzy's back yard *commonly known as "common" property where I live.* I lovingly call it "The View."
It's where Izzy goes out, disappears into the woods, does what he's gotta do, then darts back, all by hisself. It was Edward's favorite View.
Have a JOY-ful day, Edward Sclier, wherever you are!

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