Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Mourning Joy - January 6, 2007

"Speak to me -- Not of me."
--Robert Browning
Good Mourning Widows. Joy to you and me!
Today, January 6, 2007, is a bright sunshiny day. Weatherman predicts temperatures to climb to 70 degrees here in New York 20 miles north from where the World Trade Center used to be.
When sun shines this brightly, even when it doesn't, my brain loops the memory tape, the one of me and Edward -- on a beach in Saint Martin -- The time he mugged for the camera with our waitress at Turtle Pier near the airport; The time we hugged on a beach in Saint Martin on the Dutch side; The time Ed stood quiet on a beach in Saint Martin on the French side; The time I snapped a photo of Edward fast asleep in a hotel in Hong Kong -- Gosh. How'd that one get in there? Sheesh. I just loved watching my husband sleep. I just loved Edward so very much.
That's my Mourning Joy Widows. What's yours?
Time to finger hug your pen.
Go ahead.
I dare you.
Have a JOYful day Widows. Remember, we're not alone.
And Edward Sclier, wherever you are, enJOY your nap.

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