Saturday, January 06, 2007

Welcome Jennifer Hagel Smith (Mrs. George Allen Smith IV)

"My single goal continues to be to find answers regarding how George died. Reaching a settlement in this case in no way shuts down the investigation."
--Jennifer Hagel Smith

Good Mourning Widows!

Joy to you and me!

Today we welcome famous widow Jennifer Hagel Smith, wife of famous groom George Allen Smith IV to our joyful club. That's right. The club nobody wants to join. Ever!

Jennifer and George Allen Smith IV were on their honeymoon aboard the Royal Carribbean. After an evening of heavy drinking, Jennifer awakened to find her new husband vanished.

That was July 2005.

Recently, Jennifer accepted a deal with Royal Carribbean for one million dollars.
You go, Girl!

George's parents say, "It's a sell out." They vow a fight.

Every widow must decide when it is time to move on.

Grief is personal and private.

Just like a thumb print. No two alike.

Mourning Joy:

Q: What music do mummies like?

A: Wrap music.

--Thank you Rebecca Flaten

Mourning Quote:

Instead of wallowing in my misery, I just made some changes."

--Stephanie Mills

After we remember Him, finger hug your pen.

What changes can we make today? Think about it. Write about it.

Go ahead.

I dare you.

Have a joy-ful day Widows.

And remember, we're not alone.



  1. "You go girl?!?!"

    Are you kidding? I totally agree there is a time to move on, but how she can move on in good conscience without giving his parents the facts she knows about that not is just plain disgusting.

    I am sickened by her settlement and while everyone DOES need to move on at some point, the people who loved him most: his FAMILY cannot move on knowing she is keeping things from them.

    My heart goes out to the family of George Allen Smith, a friend of mine!

  2. Gosh. I meant no disrespect to the parents. This is a tragedy. For both bride and especially the parents.

    It was my understanding from the newspaper and public information that I reviewed to write this piece, that by taking this settlement action, this particular widow will now have access to records that the cruise line has in their possession and would not share, until now that the bride settled. This widow can review these records and learn what information they have concealed; perhaps she can shed light on the entire matter with her inlaws.

    This bride needs information to help her process what has happened. I can't imagine what it must be like to wake up and find my new husband vanished.

    If I have offended anyone in any way by my post, I sincerely apologize. It was meant to support this new widow, and validate her decision.

    I do not sit in judgment on how a widow chooses to live her life. Grief leaves us numb and dumb. We struggle daily with the simplest of things. Having to deal with lawyers, courts, legalese, exascerbates and stalls the ability to grieve.

    I know. Not only did I lose my husband, his love, our lives together and history and future plans, I was sued.

    Maybe some day I will share that.

    I sincerely thank you for your comment. You are correct. The parents deserve an answer. And I pray this move will do that.




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