Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome Kutilda Woods *Mrs. Earl Woods*

"That's sport. You have to [trounce your opponent]. No matter how close [a] friend you are. You must kill that person. When it is over, you can shake hand, be [a] friend again.
--Kutilda Woods

Good Mourning Widows. Happy New Year to you and me.

Welcome famous widow, Kutilda Woods, wife of famous father of famous professional golfer, Tiger Woods, to the club nobody wants to join.

Kutilda met Earl when he was a soldier in Thailand during the Viet Nam war.

Earl died May 3, 2006. He was 76 years old.

After we remember Him, finger hug our pen.

What sage advice did your mother spout when you were growing up?

Why not write about it.

Got more than one?

Okay. Make a list.

Write for ten minutes.

Go ahead. I dare you.

Mourning Joy:

When Old MacDonald had a farm, the doctors were surprised.


But when Mary had a little a little lamb...

They really popped their eyes!

"Never give up. Take what life throws at you and throw it right back. If life keeps throwing, then you have a tennis match going. Learn to like tennis."
--Glenn Ford

Have a JOY-filled day Widows. And remember, We're not alone.

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