Sunday, January 21, 2007

Welcome Nidia Colon (Mrs. Howard Thomas)

"I loved him, I took care of him. And he wanted to take care of me."
--Nidia Colon Thomas

Good Mourning Widows. Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome famous widow Nidia Colon Thomas wife of famous Alzheimer's making-the-news victim Howard Thomas to our JOY-ous club.

That's right Widows, the club what nobody wants to JOY-n.

Price of membership? One husband -- YOUrs -- Sorry, no refunds, no returns. All Sales FINAL

According to The Journal News 1/20/07, Nidia was a part of the "couple" who "in happy times shared...a small house in Mahopac before Howard Thomas' death six months after their wedding."

On the surface, it would seem Nadia was a bad woman. But...

There's history to Nadia and Howard.

They met in the Bronx while he was a principal at I. S. 74.

Howard was a widower, Nadia a widow. She worked as a security guard.

They dated all through the 1980's, never seeing a need to get married. Until...

In 2000, Howard was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer...

The claim is that, "Thomas wanted to be certain that she was taken care of after he was gone."

"The family" which consists of an attorney from the west coast, along with a 1/2 sister, and 2 children from previous marriages of the deceased have united to get back what they believe rightfully belongs to them.

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

After 5 years of haggling through the courts, they have succeeded in having their dead father's last marriage to the woman who loved him, took care of him in failing health, married him, and more, annulled.

Nadia is ordered to pay back all inheritance to the estate, to the lawyer, and the two surviving other children *the 1/2 sister died during all this haggling* that Howard had from his previous marriages.



Shame on them.

It's all a matter of "he said/she said" depending on which news report you choose to side with.

But honest, if these kids were aware their dad was in such poor ailing health when he got married, where were they then?

Charles Campbell, San Francisco Lawyer and son says, "My father never wanted to get married, that's why he never did, and by 2000, he had Alzheimer's so bad, he had no idea what he was doing."


One question Mr. Lawyer: If dad was "so bad" where were you? With all your legal knowledge and expertise, why is it you waited until after he was dead to sue? Why didn't you take action to protect your(?) assets when he was first diagnosed?

Lawyering is easy when you are one; A helpless vulnerable widow woman is easy prey when she's grieving a dead man taking a dirt nap.

Nidia says, I'm going to fight this, whatever I have to do!"

I say, you go, girl!

Mourning Joy:

Q: What's a pickle's all time favorite musical?

A: Hello, Dilly!

Mourning Quote:

"Today let's ignore the stupid smelly bus. Let's cover our ears and hold our noses and pretend it's not there."
--Junie B. Jones

After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen.

Write something. Write about the stupid smelly bus. Write about Hello, Dilly. Write about sour grapes.

Write anything.

Just do it.

I dare you.

Have a JOY-filled day Widows. And remember, we're not alone.


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  1. Dear Ms. Donna,
    My name is Sherrie Ann Rivera, my mother is Mrs. Howard N. Thomas. There are some things I would like to make crystal clear. My mother and stepfather were together for about 25 years. They did everything as a couple. Went to church, on vacations, shopping. We spent lots of time together as a family - Holidays, cookouts, just plain old family gatherings. My mother took excellent care of my stepfather all the time not just when he was sick. His surviving children at the time were not concerned with whether or not he was o.k. His daughter's only concern was his money. His so called lawyer son, never called him could care less about the welfare of his father. He was very aware of the relationship that his father had with my mother. My mother went to Spain when Mr. Campbell was competing in the Olympics. She went to California when Mr. Campbell married his current wife. Instead of the atrocious things that he has done to my mother he should be thanking her. When Mr. Campbell first appeared on the scene my stepfather had much doubt about whether or not he should believe that he was his son. My mother told him how could you doubt that Chris is your son he looks just like you. My stepfather then decided to try and build a relationship with Mr. Campbell. I believe that Mr. Campbell's problem is that although my stepfather verbally accepted him as his son I believe he still had some lingering doubts and therefore never legally on paper acknowledged him as his son. That is not my mother's fault. My stepfather was a very intelligent man, College graduate, veteran, NAACP member, principal of a school for many years. If he decided not to acknowledge him legally he had his reasons. These judges that annulled my mothers marriage could not have had the true facts , they had all the lies Mr.Campbell supplied them with. They did not even bother to question my mother first before coming to a decision that would affect her life. How is it that these judges can make decisions about someones life without even giving that person the common courtesy of trying to get their side of the story. Mr. Campbell's claim that he cared so much for his father is a load of bull. He showed up right when my stepfather was just about ready to be with God. Did he bother to come and spend some time with him when my stepfather still could walk and talk, no he did not. He came when it was already to late. I don't think he got to spend any time with him before he passed. My mother knows the truth. I know the truth. The minister of their church knows the truth. His son Howie knows the truth, Howie should have spoken up for my mother, only God knows why he did not. That is between him and God. Mr. Campbell knows the truth. I can only hope that somehow his conscience will start to weigh on him. Although I think that he does not have one, he has hurt and devastated someone who has never harmed him nor anyone else. Well that is all I have to say, I just wanted to clear up some things.

    Sherrie Ann Rivera


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