Sunday, February 04, 2007

Good Mourning Widows

Good Mourning Widows.
Joy to you and me.
It's a frosty 30 degrees 20 miles north from where the World Trade Center used to be. I'm sitting at the laptop dressed in black nylon shorts and tank top. Yeah, I'm off to do the gym thing. I plan to walk some machine in some anonymous place at a distant location. Hopefully to work off some inches that have accumulated around my waist, hips, and butt.
But before I dash out the door, I need to send a message to YOU, my readers.
If you leave a comment at this blog, you do reach me. I do read your words. I do respond.
If you do not leave your email address, I reply by posting your comment at the place you left it with a comment from me.
Let me 'splain, Loooosee. Say, for example, you post a comment today, under the picture of June Allyson. All you need do is check back under June Allyson later in the day, or next day, to read my comment back.
Is that make it easier?
Of course, if you send me your email address, do not make yourself "Anonymous" I am able to reply direct to you.
Just remember, your email addresses are confidential and are never shared. Also, your questions, your emails to me are considered confidential, I don't post them, I don't mention them, and any information we share in emails is not shared, unless you say it's alright.
Okay. That's it Widows.
There is a blanket of snow the color of white outside my window, heats on, time to get out the house.
Have a joy-filled day. And remember, we're not alone.

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