Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda (Mrs. John Coltrane)

"Let the different faiths exist; let them flourish; and let the glory of God be sung in all the languages and in a variety of tunes. That should be the ideal. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognize them as valid as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity."
--Sri Satya a Sae Baba

Good Mourning Widows. Joy to you and me.

Today we honor and welcome famous widow Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda wife of famous avant-garde music genius and Master of the tenor and soprano saxophones John Coltrane to our joy-ous club.

That's right Widows. The club what nobody wants to joy-n. The club what charges as price of admission -- One Husband -- Yours. Sorry, no returns, no refunds. All sales final.

Alice met John in the early sixties and the married in 1965.

John Coltrane died in 1967.

And Alice Coltrane continued working with members of John's last group after his death.

As a child, Alice studied classical music and participated in the gospel band at her church. She was a devotee of Swami Satchsdannanda and eventually adopted the Hindu name of Turiya.

Alice Coltrane died January 12, 2007.

Mourning Joy:

Q: How do you know when the fish is fresh?

A: When they bite your fingers.

Mourning Poetry:

Home on the Range --Anonymous

Home, home on the plains
here in the grass we will lie
When our day's work is done
As it sets in the blue prairie sky

After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen.

Open your JOY-nal.

Write something.

Write about your home, write about the plains, write about the grass we will lie in. Write about when our day's work when it is done.

Write one word.

Go ahead.

I dare you.

Have a joy-filled day Widows. And remember, we're not alone


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