Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome Melissa Denfrund (Army Sgt. Jason C. Denfrund)

"Jason was one of those kids who would constantly bother us as a staff because he was always asking if somebody could let him into the weight room. He worked hard at lifting weights." --High School Gym Coach Tim Miller

Good Mourning Widows.

Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome famous widow Melissa Denfrund wife of famous United States Army Sgt. Jason C. Denfrund to our joy-ous club.

That's right Widows. The club what no body wants to joy-n.

The club what no body wants to become a member of.

The club what costs the one time down payment of -- One Husband -- YOURS!

Sgt. Denfrund, age 24, and the father of a son, Jayden, and a stepdaughter, Chloe, haled from Cattaraugus, NY. He was killed by a roadside bomb on Christmas Day 2006 in Baghdad.

When will the misery end?

Hopefully, I speak for every member of our club when I say words cannot express our deepest sympathies be sent to every member of the Denfrund family and all members of the US Armed Forces serving our beloved country for placing themselves in harm's way.

Sincere thanks to the Denfrund family. Sgt. Denfrund made the supreme sacrifice. He helped make our country the home of the free and the brave.

Mourning Joy:

Q: What is a mosquito's favorite sport?

A: Skin diving.

Mourning Quote:

An excerpt from "Walking With the Wind" by John Lewis with Michael D'Orso when speaking about his mother (John Lewis's mother is a widow):

"...It's about work, she'll say. First, last and in between, life on this earth--at least life as she has always known it--is about work."

"...Yes, work is hard, she'll say. And yes, it can seem thankless at times. But it is a pure thing, an honest thing. 'I don't believe in depending on anyone,' she says. 'Work and put your trust in God, and God's gonna take care of his children. God's gonna take care of his children.'"

After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen.

Let John Lewis's mother's words loop your brain. What are you reminded of as you read them? What in your life's work adds to your mourning joy?

Go for it.

Don't hold back.

Let your fingerhugging pen fly across the page.

"Spend it all! "

Have a joy-filled day Widows.

And remember, we're not alone.


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