Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mourning Joy - Live In The Moment

Good Mourning Widows. Joy to you and me.

Each morning I receive a newsletter in my email. The Morning Nudge, by Suzanne Lieurance. Suzanne Lieurance writes for writers, motivating them to fingerhug their pen and a few other things.

Yesterday's The Morning Nudge was special. Very special. And is something that applies to everyone. Especially us widows. For that reason, just for today, I share part of Suzanne Lieurance's The Morning Nudge.


If you happen to contact Suzanne Lieurance, please tell her, Linda Della Donna says, Hello. And oh, yes, let Suzanne know, we're not alone.

Have a joy-filled day Widows. And remember...well, you know.

Live in the Moment
by Suzanne Lieurance
(Lovingly taken from Monday's The Morning Nudge)

Most of us tend to live (at least a little bit) in the past or future. We worry about what's ahead. We regret, or glorify, the events of our past. Truly living in the moment takes work. It takes conscious effort.
There's a commercial on television these days that says "plan for the future, but live for the present. "
That's good advice.
So just for today, try living in the present, and see what a difference it makes.
Let go of any worries about the future.
Release all thoughts about the past.
Whatever you do today, be conscious and mindful of the moment. DECIDE to enjoy everything that comes your way today.
Remember, no matter who you are with today, or wherever you may be, you won't be in this particular place, with these particular people forever. Remind yourself of that today and be thankful for each moment. Days are simply made up of many, many moments. Once you start to enjoy each and every moment, eventually you'll find yourself enjoying each and every day. Try it.
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