Monday, March 05, 2007

Widow Florence Maybrick (Mrs. James Maybrick)

...I cannot answer your letter fully to-day, my darling, but relieve your mind of all...fear of discovery now and in the future. M. has been delirious since Sunday, and I know now that he is perfectly ignorant of everything... Excuse this scrawl, my own darling, but I dare not leave the room for a moment, and I do not know when I shall be able to write to you again. In haste, yours ever. Florie”
Good Mourning Widows.

Joy to you and me!

Today we welcome famous widow Florence Maybrick wife of famous adulterer James Maybrick to our joy-ous club.

Florence and James married shortly after meeting on board the SS Baltic in March 1880 en route to Paris from Mobile, Alabama.

James led a double life, keeping a mistress, and a wife, and on May 11, 1889, he died of arsenic poisoning.

Though Florence was accused of her husband’s murder, tried and sentenced to hang for the crime, to this day, the verdict is a subject of disagreement as James had a habit of ingesting arsenic for years prior to his death. Interestingly, this information was not introduced into evidence at Florence’s trial.
In any event, Florence’s hanging sentence was later commuted to “penal servitude for life.”

Florence “served the full 15 years in Woking and Aylesbury Prisons.”
Set free in 1904, Florence subsequently penned the book, “My Lost Fifteen Years.”
Florence Maybrick moved to America, changed her name, and later died in South Kent, Connecticut on October 23, 1941 at 79 years of age.
After the death of her husband, Florence never saw their 2 children again.
Mourning Joy:
Q: Why do squirrels spend so much time in trees?
A: To get away from all the nuts on the ground.
Mourning Quote:
“When you are kind to someone in trouble, you hope they’ll remember and be kind to someone else. And, it’ll become like a wildfire. –Whoopi Goldberg
After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen.
Write something.
Go ahead.
I dare you.
Have a joy-filled day Widows. And remember we're not alone.

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