Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Widow Julie Quinlan (Mrs. John A. Quinlan)

"John will be dearly missed as a devoted husband and father, as well as loving son, brother and uncle...John was a strong man and had a firm sense of justice. He believed in his mission and stood up for what he knew was right. John died doing what he loved." --The Family of Chief Warrant Officer John A. Quinlan
Good mourning Widows.
Joy to you and me.
Today we welcome famous widow Julie Quinlan wife of famous Chief Warrant Officer John A. Quinlan to our joy-ous club.
Officer Quinlan was killed when the Chinook helicopter he was riding in in Southeast Afghaniastan crashed on February 18, 2007.
John A. Quinlan was buried one day after what would have been his 37th bithday.
Wife Julie is left with their 3 daughters, Keely, 10, Madeline, 8, and Erin, 3.
Mourning Joy:
Q: What is black and yellow and goes zzub, zzub?
A: A bee flying backwards.
Mourning Quote:
"When someone is in your heart, they're never truly gone." --Mitch Albom "For One More Day"
After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen.
Write something.
Go ahead.
I dare you.
Have a joy-filled day Widows. And remember we're not alone.

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