Sunday, April 08, 2007

"He never gave up hoping that the dreams of the sixties could be realised. In hindsight, I think what was so special about George is that he always believed in the power of goodness." --Olivia Harrison

Good Mourning Widows. Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome to the club that nobody wants to joy-n famous widow Olivia Harrison wife of famous Beatle George Harrison.

Yeah, yeah yeah!

Olivia and George were married September 2, 1978 and together they had one son, Dhani.

Olivia worked with Yoko Ono, Linda McCartney, and Barbara Bach to help raise millions of dollars for Romanian Angel Appeal, the organization founded to aid Romanian orphaned children.

George was born in 1943 and died in 2001.

Mourning Joy:

Q: Why did the spaceship land outside your bedroom?

A: I must have left the landing light on.

Mourning Quote:

"To see the world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower...hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." --William Blake

After remember Him, open your joy-nal, fingerhug your pen. Write something. Go ahead. I dare you.

Have a joy-filled day widows and remember we're not alone.


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