Monday, April 09, 2007

Miriam "Ma" Ferguson (Mrs. James Edward Ferguson)

If the King's English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me! --Miriam "Ma" Ferguson
Good Mourning Widows. Joy to you and me.
Today we welcome famous widow famous first Governor of the State of Texas wife of famous impeached Texas Governor James Edward Ferguson to our joy-ous club.
Miriam was 24 years old when she wed James Edward Ferguson.
She was devoted homemaker, wife, and mother until 1924 when James Edward requested she run on his behalf for Governor of the State of Texas.
Her campaign slogan, "two governors for the price of one."
*sound familiar?*
James was governor of Texas from 1915-1917 and was impeached.
Miriam won by a landslide!
Mourning Joy:
Q: What do you call a lion with a toothache?
A: Rory.
Today's Mourning Quote is lovingly borrowed from late Texas Governor, Anne Richards' regarding a complaint about a Creche' on the Capitol grounds:
"You know," Ms. Richards said, "that's probably as close as three wise men will ever get to the Texas Legislature, so why don't we just let them be."
After we remember Him, open your joy-nal. Write something. Go ahead. I dare you.
Have a joy-filled day Widows. And remember, we're not alone!

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