Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Anniversary in Heaven, Edward Louis Sclier

Today is Tuesday, May 1, 2007. It is an anniversary, of sorts.

It was on Saturday, May 1, 1987, in the non-denominational chapel of the United Nations, I married Ed Sclier.

And it was on Saturday, May 1, 2004, Ed Sclier died.

Who'd have known?

On the very day my husband, Ed, would have made dinner reservations to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, I made His funeral arrangements.

I remember Ed. My life is hard and lonely without Him. But I am grateful to Ed -- for all the happy memories and not so happy memories. I want always to remember the man who, in spite of all my lumps and bumps, accepted me, married me, and for 16 years loved me back.

Would that I could I would snap two fingers and wish for 16 times 16 years more.

But I can't.

I'm moving forward, now.

Getting on with the rest of my life.

I'm dating.

There. I said it.

I'm meeting nice men. Hopefully, I'll make a new friend. The important thing is I'm living my life.

Is it easy?

Am I totally comfortable?

Will I ever be completely over losing my best friend?

Hope springs eternal.

See my two fingers crossed?

Can lightning strike again?

I wonder.

Happy Anniversary, Ed Sclier, I love you, wherever you are!


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  1. Linda,
    What a poigniant post. Your words are from the love of your heart and from the pain of your soul. But, sometimes after the rain has fallen from a storm, the sun comes back out and offers the warmth of it's light.

    Life is calling you to 'come out and play', Ms. Della Donna!

    Take care,


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