Monday, May 14, 2007

Mourning Joy-nal Entry

It's a new day, a new page in the life of this widow 20 miles north from where the World Trade Center us to be.

Mother's Day is come and gone, and this writer admits, it was the best she's had since her husband's death three years ago.

Time spent with son, G, his wife, C, made it happen. After an outing to the local diner for Challah French toast, smiling sunnyside eggs, a block of homefries and cup of coffee, we whiled away the chilly afternoon playing a game of Scrabble. *Yippee! I won.*

Outside my home office window, it's a cloudless sky the color of turquoise and music fills the air *I turned on the radio* Time to hit the showers *watch out, Izzy*, time to get ready for the day job.


As always, I'm remembering Him, and missing Him. how about you?

Have a great joy-filled day

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