Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Patricia Newsome (Mrs. Tommy Newsome)

"You'll know what kind of bird I am when I fly over you." --Tommy Newsome to Johnny Carson

Good mourning, Widows. Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome famous widow, Patricia Newsom, wife of famous saxophonist of Johnny Carson fame, Tommy Newsome, to our joy-ous club. That's right, Widows, the club nobody wants to joy-n. Not ever.

Tommy Newsom died yesterday, May 1, 2007. He was 78 years old.

Patricia and Tommy were married 50 years.

They have a daughter, Candy Newsom who lives in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Mourning Joy-ke

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get away from Colonel Sanders!

Mourning Quote:

"Love is tricky. ...It is never mundane or daily. You can never get used to it. You have to walk with it, then let it walk with you. You can never balk. It moves you like the tide. It takes you out to the sea then lays you on the beach again. Today's struggling pain is the foundation for a certain stride through the heavens. You can run from it, but you can never say no. It includes everyone." --Amy Tan, "The Hundred Secret Senses"

After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen. Choose a topic from today's Mourning Quote, then set your clock for ten minutes. And write. Go ahead. I dare you.

Have a joy-filled day, ladies. And remember, we're not alone.


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