Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tonight, tonight, I write the night away...

The sky is gray 20 miles north from where the World Trade Center use to be tonight. There is rain, puddles, and a wet breeze frosts the air.

When the weather turns cold and dark like this, I feel sad remembering my onceuponatime life, when Ed was alive, when there was a strong shoulder to lean on and get me through a dark and lonely time. Now, there's just me, my small dog Izzy, and his little cat, Tux, and of course, you, to see me through.

This rainy night I sit in a secret hiding place. I won't tell you where it is because if I do then it won't be a secret anymore. That's why, silly.
In the past, I shared with other writers my secret hiding places. Before I knew it, these other writers popped out from everywhere, just to say hi. It is nice to have friends, it is nice to say hi, but alas, when you're a writer, and you say hi too often, too often no writing gets done.

I am on deadline for a 5 page manuscript for a Highlight's writing workshop to be held in Pennsylvania at the end of this month. My manuscript is due Monday 9 a.m.
I haven't started it.
Being a writer is never having to say the dog ate my homework. So I'll bid everyone a fond adieu and get to work.
Wish me joy luck as I wish joy luck to you.

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