Monday, July 02, 2007

Andrea McCants (Mrs. Marquis J. McCants)

"He was always looking out for his friends." --Savage McCants, dad
Good Mourning, Widows. Joy to you and me.
Welcome famous widow, Andrea McCants, wife of famous Army Spc. Marquis J. McCants, from San Antonio, TX, to our joy-ous club.
Andrea McCants became a member of the club nobody wants to joy-n May 18, 2007. That was the day, Army Spc. Marquis J. McCants was killed by an explosive and small-arms fire in Baghdad.
Army Spc. Marquis J. McCants was age 23, and was in Baghdad preserving OUR freedom.
Andrea has their two daughters, Azaria McCants and Deja Martinez, to see her through the grief process.
Note to Andrea, Azaria, Deja, and every member of Army Spc. Marquis J. McCant's family: sincerest condolences, eternal gratitude, and abundant mourning joy all the days of your lives.
Mourning Joy:
Q: What's the best way to save water?
A: Dilute it
Mourning Quote:
"Soul friendships are the safety net of the heart." --Susan Jeffers, American lecturer
After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen. Open your joy-nal. Set the timer for ten.
Who are the safety nets of your heart? What friendships touch your soul? Do you have a friend?
Write something. Go ahead. I dare you.
Have an abundantly joy-filled day, Widows. And remember, we're not alone.

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