Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Famous Civil Rights Pioneer, Irene Morgan Kirkaldy, died August 10, 2007

"Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit."--Baltasar Gracian

Famous civil rights pioneer, Irene Morgan Kirkaldy, a black woman, who refused to give her bus seat to white passengers back in 1944 which led to the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision more than ten years before Rosa Parks gained recognition for doing the same, has died.

Irene Morgan Kirkaldy was 90 years old.

Irene Morgan Kirkaldy was born Irene Morgan in Baltimore in 1917.

She was on a Greyhound bus traveling from Gloucester to Baltimore and was arrested for refusing to give up her seat and for resisting arrest.

She appealed her case to the U.S. Supreme Court and the court held in June 1946 that the law in Virginia requiring blacks be separated from whites on interstate buses was invalid and interfered in interstate commerce.

Mourning Joy:

Something I learned from my childhood: When mom got mad at dad, I didn't let her brush my hair.

Mourning Quote:

We cannot tell the precise moment when friehdship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over.--James Boswell (1740-1795), Scottish Biographer

After we remember Him, fingerhug your pen. Open what I lovingly refer to as a joy-nal, set a clock timer for ten minutes, and write something. Go ahead. I dare you.

Have an abundantly joy-filled day, Everyone. And remember, we're not alone.


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