Friday, August 17, 2007

A Friday - Mourning Joy

"Friendship is the only cememt that will ever hold the world together." --Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) American President

Good Mourning, Everyone. Joy to you and me.

Today I celebrate a new friend.

Meet Raffaele. Sorry, I don't know Raffaele's last name. I just know Raffaele as the Meetup Special Person who welcomes new persons into the vast community of his Meetup group.

Last evening I stopped by to say a fast hello to the latest "Raffaele" Meetup. Raffaele is always planning some grand event for celebration. This one was hosted at a nearby public golf course. There was a band, an outdoor feast fit for royalty, and of course, there was Raffaele, meetingup and greeting everyone. I was surprised he took time to sit and chat with me. I felt guilty taking up his valulable time, and thanked him for making me feel so special in making me his friend at his Meetup site.

Anywho, this morning, I checked my email, and to my surprise, was an email from Raffaele to every member of the Meetup group I belong to announcing Walk With Karen. I casually mentioned to Raffaele that I've been busy working my brains out organizing this September 9 event. For you and the world to see what it is I am talking about, I share with you today, the special email announcement sent out by Raffaele, my new "friend." Just wish to say thank you, Raffaele. Until we Meetup, again. And if you get the chance, I'd appreciate it if you would email Raffaele and let him know how grateful I am.

Raffaele to diningout-3-an.
show details 4:23 am (10 hours ago)

Announcing a new event for The WineDineGuide - Westchester - Wine Dine & Fun Group!

What: A Walk With a Friend

When: Sunday, September 9, 10:00 AM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Event Description: We all know what a friend is and even on meetup we're ask us to list them. I ran into quite a few of them last night at Saxon Woods, and one in particular thanked me for adding her to my friend's list.

Amongst all words I could use to describe a friend, I would say that a friend is someone who hears you when you're not speaking, one who shares the most peaceful moments with you.

I'm sure we all had moments when our world was crumbling and we so much wished for a miracle or a rescue from a friend. Hope was just about to leave and faith was wearing thin, but something happened to make hope and faith a born again reality.

Linda, has been using her writing skills to comfort and give hope to many people like herself, who have suffered the loss of a dear one. She gives the promise of a "different life" rather than a "better one", and in my opinion she's doing a hell of a job.

Not so long ago Linda lost her husband and now her friend Karen. She handed me a card: "Walk with Karen" on Sunday September 9th, at 10am from County Center to Harney Road.

Linda is asking for a donation from $25, $30, $50 or other. The donations are to benefit the Hospice where Karen worked and I would guess, to do some of the things Karen never got to finish, or in some way to keep her memory alive.

I don't know Karen, but I'm willing to "take a walk with a friend" on Sunday September 9th and support Linda with a quiet walk. I will also make a donation for Karen as she wishes and hope that my presence and hopefully yours will make Sunday September 9th a day of new found hope, faith and new peaceful moments shared with friends for a friend.

You can visit Linda's website and decide for yourself if you should walk with Linda. I will because I would like to pay back or pay forward for all comfort I have received or yet to receive:



ORGANIZERS: If you share the feeling, do feel free to post on your site.

Thank You!

PS: No one asked me to post this meetup, not even Linda. I believe she wants donations made out to: or PAYPAL. I will disclose this info once I hear from her.

Learn more here:

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