Saturday, September 29, 2007

For Widows Only - How to Control Your Tears - 3 Tips

By Linda Della Donna

Every widow handles grief in her own way. To be sure, every widow cries--Always when least expected. The next time your personal grief wave hits, here's 3 tips to get you through:

1. Be prepared.

Like a good scout, carry a tissue, a hanky, a paper napkin, everywhere you go. Stuff one, two, maybe three, inside your bra, if your skirt has no pockets, if you decide not to tote a purse. Remember this sexy trick, and you'll be prepared to blot your eyes at the drop of a tear, and look great, too.

2. Give yourself permission.

As Dr. Phil says, "It's okay," if you break down in tears at the sight of a strolling, hand-holding couple. After burying the best friend you ever had, there'd be something wrong with you if you didn't cry.

3. Be kind--To yourself, to your children, to your pet dogs and cats.

If you feel yourself slipping into the depths of despair, reach out and touch someone--Contact a clergyperson, your family doctor, get to a bereavement group, fast!

Again, just remember, "It's okay."

One final word of advice: Never fight your grief. You'll find you will lose that battle once you've mascara-ed your eyes. Instead, embrace the memory of Him. And later than sooner, you'll find yourself one giant baby step closer to the best of your life.

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