Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Walk With Karen - Report - Thank you's - Note to Meetup.com

Sunday, September 9, 2007 - Walk With Karen

It was a bright and sunny day. It was Griefcase's first event, the one honoring hospice nurse, and famous Griefcase friend, Karen Doty, who for more than 30 years helped countless families throughout Westchester County cope with cancer, dying, and death of their loved one.

Karen Doty died tragically on July 28, 2007. As requested by Karen, there was no funeral, no services, no burial. Just a gaping hole and the memory of a woman who gave so much to so many and asked nothing in return.

Enter Linda Della Donna, Griefcase Founder. The writer who fingerhugs her pen daily honoring famous widows, supporting new widows and individuals going through the grief process. Della Donna was determined to fill that "hole," and created, Walk With Karen.

Della Donna and Karen Doty became friends back when she lost her beloved husband, Edward Sclier, 3 years, 4 months, 9 days ago. But as Della Donna says, "Who's counting?"

Instead of moaning and groaning her blues away, Della Donna tucked them in a safe place -- The one she created at http://www.griefcase.blogspot.com,/ and wrote her heart out, dedicating her site to the memory of her beloved husband, by researching countless famous widows, and placing their stories online, in the hopes of helping other women, just like herself, learn what she lovingly refers to as, "mourning joy."

Della Donna and her family.
(l-r, Colleen, George, Della Donna, and BoaterBob)

Colleen and George distributing bottles of Poland Springs Water, compliments of Poland Springs. *Three cheers for Poland Springs Water--and THANK YOU for 250 bottles of water!*

Meetup Buddy, Peter, and his precious pooch, take time to pose with Della Donna.

Meetup.com supporters, Raffaele and Lisa.

By the looks of these photos, compliments of Raffaele, I'd say Della Donna, thanks to her family, her friends, her Meetup.com supporters, especially, Raffaele, Lisa, and Peter, the donors, pledgees, and the Bronx River Parkway cyclists, I'd say Della Donna accomplished her goal.

Good Job!

The following is a copy of an announcement sent to members of Meetup.com. It is reposted here at http://www.griefcase.blogspot.com/, for everyone to see, at Linda Della Donna's request.

To All who participated, who gave their time, their money, their love, their compassion, Griefcase extends a heartfelt, Thank YOU!

Linda Della Donna's response to Meetup.com members is as follows:

Dear Mount Vernon person, Dear Lisa, Dear Meetup, Dear Raffaele,

Thank you everyone for your personal comments. How wonderful to know how you truly feel about me and what I am working passionately to do.

Thank you, Raffaele, sincerely, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Your research is magnificent. I'm downloading, printing out, and saving.

I want to thank sincerely all the meetup individuals who were there for Griefcase yesterday. As for the individuals who emailed personal comments, I understand truly your concern about requested donations for a new cause. Good for you! I applaud and commend you for your diligence and vigilance. I am certain you mean no harm to me, personally, professionally, or otherwise.

My books are open to anyone who wishes to see what it is I do, the moneys spent. There are no secrets pertaining to Griefcase. Simply google my name, Linda Della Donna, and my heart and soul is out there for all the world to see. It's been a long hard road for me and I did it alone. Life as a widow in a word, sucks. And trying to describe it is like trying to describe the color orange to a blindman. My goal, through Griefcase *please get the name right* is to spread the word that "we're" not alone, to welcome a new widow into the club "nobody wants to join" and to share resources and support an individual experiencing the loss of a loved one, through the grief process. And trust me, honey, it is a process--it takes time for the brain to wrap itself around what has occurred...it doesn't happen overnight...and there is no calendar, no clock, no timeframe. Each woman's sorrow over the loss of her husband is like a thumbprint--no two alike.

I did not ask Raffaele to post my information. Raffaele, is a kind loving gentleman who took interest and did this of his own volition. Thank you, Raffaele. Truly.

I did not mention to meetup, nor did I have intentions of including them. Until I was pulled in by the comments and language expressed towards what I sincerely was working as an aid to help a family left wondering why their wife and mother and more no longer desired to live her life was to replace a sad memory with a joyful memory. If that be a hanging offense, than march me out the door at sunrise, I'm ready.

My personal private life is exactly that. I am entitled to that. That is the reason for the "L." If there be a problem with that, what it is I do, how I go about making my living, "paying" for my writing, I suggest we have a face-to-face meetup, one-on-one. I am available, at my office, anytime. Feel free to email. We can read the latest book, the one what has all the expenses listed to hold a Walk With Karen event.

Did you know that I purchased a park permit to hold this event? Yes. The permit cost money.
Did you know that I had to contact Westchester County, and a few other places to hold this event. The last 5 weeks working on this Walk With Karen event have been filled with 18-hour days, around-the-clock typing, photo copying, and more. Prior to the event, I had to meet with Westchester Park & Rec reps, show that I was a professional, working at a true cause, walk the walk...literally. I walked that park path 4 times! in preparation for yesterday's event.

Going non-profit, I learned, avails my cause and will better serve the people I so desperately want to help. It is more than the County, it is Albany, too. Expenses continue. I had to retain an accountant. And I desperately need to retain an attorney...perhaps at a future time. There is much work to be done. There is little time for responding to negative comments. It wastes energy and takes away from the women I truly want to help.

Best wishes to everyone. I thank everyone for their support. Especially to Raffaele. What a great guy!



aka, Linda Della Donna

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