Thursday, November 01, 2007

Joey Bishop

Requirements for Rat Pack membership: "Stay up late and get drunk..." --Lauren Bacall

Honor Famous comedian, and famous Rat Pack member, Joey Bishop.

Joey Bishop died October 17, 2007. He was age 89.

He leaves his son, Larry Bishop, and two grandchildren, Scott and Kirk. He also leaves his longtime companion, Nora Garabotti. His wife of 58 years, Sylvia Bishop, died in 1999.


  1. What an interesting blog concept. Last night there was a biography on the Rat Pack on TV. It was very interesting. I lived through many of those years and hardly rememberd any of it.

    carolyn Howard-Johnson

  2. Linda,

    I appreciate your blog so much, as a community for those who grieve, especially for widows. What a wonderful resource. Congratulations on building a safe place for people to go to grieve online. I'm glad I had a chance to visit,

    Blessings, Olivia

  3. Hi Linda,

    I love your October 29 Mourning quote about the hummingbird.

    What a lovely sentiment.

    Blogspot doesn't want to recognize my ID, sigh.

    I hope you and everyone dear to you is thriving.

    Happy Trails,

    JJ Murphy

    JJ Murphy
    Creative Content for Your Nature Endeavors

  4. Joey Bishop. The end of an era. I actually sort of met him once.

    I sat in the lobby of a hotel in Las Vegas. I had my legs crossed and was wiggling my leg. Joey Bishop walked by, removed my shoe, took hold of my foot, and said, "May I show you something in a pump, Ma'am."

    At first I thought he was just some kook, but then I realized he was a well-known one. *lol*

    May he rest in peace.
    Ginger Simpson


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