Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Setting Goals

I like clouds. They remind me of the blank page, the one I face each morning to write a special note to You, my reader.
Clouds inspire me, they motivate me, and like bobbing buffalos on the prairie, they encourage me to set goals for myself, and to fingerhug my pen.
Sound silly? Hmmm.
Last year, at this very time, I set two goals for 2007.
Impossible, I thought, and that's exactly what I labeled them.
On December 20, 2006, this is what I wrote in my joy-nal:
Next Year - 2007 -
Impossible Goal #1: I want a website dedicated to individuals going through the grief process, a place to share resources, and extend a helping hand.
Impossible Goal #2: I want a friend, someone special *not a replacement for Him, silly. I know no one can replace Him. But I give myself permission to meet someone, someone special, to fill the hole in my heart.*
You betcha!
Or, so I thought.
Today, one year later, I sit poised at my laptop, typing madly for *my new website,* a view of the Long Island Shore and an osprey looms outside a frosted window where I make my new home with my new Special Friend.
Get the picture?
Soon it will be 2008.
Time to set new goals.
How about you?
Go ahead.
Give yourself permission.
Reach for the clouds.
I dare you!

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