Thursday, February 07, 2008

Marine Sgt. Michael E. Tayaotao

"He's a great man, that's all I can say. He's a straightforward and brave man. He did what he can for his counry, for his people." --Felix Tayaotao, uncle

Good Mourning Everyone!

Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome famous sister of famous Marine Sgt. Michael E. Tayaotao, Leah Tayaotao, from Sunnyvale, California, to our joy-ous club.

On August 9, 2007, Marine Sgt. Michael E. Tayaotao made the Supreme Sacrifice. He gave his life for you and me. It happened during combat operations in Anbar province, Iraq, and it was Sgt. Tayaotao's third tour.

Said Leah upon hearing the news, "No one would know what he was laughing about, but that didn't matter, as long as he was laughing." Adding, "Even if it was something serious, he could bring the light out of it."

When not fighting for Our Country, favorite things Marine Sgt. Michael E. Tayaotao liked to do was to spend time fishing or sitting on the dock having a picnic at San Diego County's Lake Poway, Leah reported.

In addition to his sister, Leah, Sgt. Tayaotao leaves his mother and father, Mario and Heidi.

To Leah, Mario and Heidi, and every member of the Tayaotao fammily, Griefcase extends sincerest condolences, profound gratitude, and wishes for mourning joy all the days of your lives.

Today's Mourning Joy, lovingly borrowed from Beth Emeth REPORTER:

"Drink tea and nourish life; with the first sip, joy; with the second sip, satisfaction; with the third sip, peace; with the fourth, a Danish."

Mourning Quote:

...You raise me up to more than I can be...--a song sung by Josh Groban

After we remember Him, do what I do. Fingerhug your pen. Set a clock timer for ten minutes, open what I lovingly refer to as a joy-nal, and write something--perhaps a letter to Him, perhaps a memory, even if it's a grocery list of things to do, do it.

Go ahead. Write something. I dare you.

Have a joy-filled day, Everyone. And, remember--we're not alone.


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