Friday, January 04, 2008

Mourning Joy - Goals 2008

Ed Sclier loved the beach. He liked the sun on his back, the sand between his toes, and most especially, he liked to watch the sea slap the shore.

This is a picture of my beloved, Ed Sclier, taken on the Island of St. Martin, December 2003. St. Martin is where we honeymooned and returned each year to celebrate our love.

This photo was snapped shortly before Ed was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer.


We had no idea, we had no clue. Less than 6 months later Ed was dead.

Why do I share this this cold January morning? Well, it has to do with my goals for 2008. I have made one...only one! Okay, I made two goals...But I give myself permission to use the next 12 months to succeed.

Can I do it?

You betcha!

Suzanne Lieurance says,
"The trick to maintaining your focus is to set just a few Big goals that really, really matter to you and are all related to each other."

Well, this year, my main goal is to honor my promise--the one I made to Ed Sclier just before he died on May 1, 2004--to write
His story.

I've chosen the title, written a prologue; there are even bits and pieces of
Ed Edward Eddy scribbled on crinkled pages, they're scattered from Hartsdale to Norwalk, and a mental outline twinkles my brain. It's all been *is that proper grammar?* swimming in my brain for more than 3 years now, but for one excuse and another, I postpone, I stall, I ignore, I avoid the dang thing. Some days I prefer tennis to writing, and making meatballs, walking Izzy, raking leaves, shoveling snow, sleeping get the picture.

Well, not any more.

Today, I take Suzanne Lieurance's words to heart, I begin...

I'll keep you posted.

P.S. You have permission to write emails, to comment, to ask questions, to motivate me, to send for my free ebooks
, Us and Treasury of Quotations, and to read my free ezine articles on grief at

I love hearing from everyone.

Okay, now that I've remembered
Him, it's time for me to fingerhug my pen. Time for me to write something.

How about you?

Have a
joy-filled day and remember, we're not alone.


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