Thursday, January 10, 2008 - Griefcase has moved!

"And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a new life." --Linda Della Donna
Good Mourning, Everyone!
Joy to you and me.
It wasn't easy losing Ed Sclier. Do I miss him? You betcha!
But. Life moves on. I've come to terms with that.
Quicker than Jack-Be-Nimble jumping over a candlestick;
faster than Superman racing a shiny bullet,
I've discovered there's a new and wonderous world out here, and I'm excited and happy and elated.
Here's why:
Griefcase is grown to a full-fledged website.
Yes! A real website with a real banner with a real following of thoughtful, kind loving individuals--YOU!
It's my dream come true--It's a place where resources are shared, individuals coping with the loss of their loved one can come together to meet and greet and support one another and lend a helping hand.
It gets better--
Griefcase has a t.v. show.
A real local cable t.v. show dedicated to widows of the world, and all individuals going through the grief process. Here at Griefcase t.v., I will interview professionals, i.e., hospice workers, psychologists, volunteers, funeral directors, widows, widowers, bereavement counselors, group leaders, friends, neighbors, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of widows and widowers on topics from death, dying, cancer, dating, internet dating, meetups, and what the heck do I do with the rest of my life now that He's gone, to how to pick up the pieces to move forward without Him.
Please joy-n me as I celebrate Griefcase.
Watch for upcoming events, enter your comments.
Just click on the FORUM tab, enter your name and personal message.
Fill out the Opt-In Box, sign up for my free newsletter, request my free ebook.
Got question?
Simply fingerhug your pen. Write it. Send it to
I'll read it. I promise. And I'll answer it on my t.v. show.
Go ahead. I dare you!
That's Tuesday, February 5, 2008, Griefcase's first cable t.v. show, located 20 miles north from where the World Trade Center use to be.
Ahhhhh, mourning joy!
Have a joy-filled day, Everyone. And remember, we're not alone.

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