Friday, February 08, 2008

Army Staff Sgt. Jacob M. Thompson

"He could cast for hours on end, even if he didn't catch a fish." -Charlie Thompson, dad

Good Mourning, Everyone!

Joy to you and me.

Today we welcome into the club nobody wants to join, famous dad, Charlie Thompson, father of famous Army Staff Sgt. Jacob M. Thompson from North Mankato, Minn.

Mr. Thompson joined our joy-ous club on August 6, 2007. That was the day Army Staff Sgt. Jacob M. Thompson died for me and you, killed by an explosive in Baqubah, Iraq.

Sgt. Thompson was a two-tour veteran. On his left leg he sported three tattoos--three helmets, each with the name of a friend who had been killed during the war. He earned a Purple Heart but gave the medal to a friend who had received more serious injuries but hadn't been chosen for the award.

Besides dad, Charlie Thompson, Jacob leaves his aunt Wanda Berry, and his mother, Barb.

From Griefcase to every member of the Thompson family, sincerest condolences, profound gratitude, and wishes for mourning joy all the days of your lives.

Mourning Joy:

Q: What did King Kong say to the Empire State Building?

A: Mommy.

Mourning Quote:

To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men--that is genius. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

After we remember Him, do what I do. Fiingerhug your pen.

Open what I lovingly refer to as a joy-nal, set a clock timer for ten minutes, and write something.

Go ahead.

I dare you.

Have a joy-filled day, Everyone. And remember, we're not alone.


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  1. I love jacob..he was my uncle... i miss him very much and wish he was still here..this man was and still is my HERO!!


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