Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Friday!

I'm writing this from my new office location, the one in Connecticut, facing the Long Island Sound, space donated to Griefcase to do the Griefcase thing.

Life sure is exciting and I'm here to tell you, it gets better each day.

A pot of meatballs and red gravy bubbles in a pot on a stove in the kitchen; a cranky dog snores at my feet, a black and white kitty purrs softly in an upstairs bedroom.

Ahhhh, my mourning joy!

It is more than 3 years since I buried Ed.

More than 3 years since I said the words, "I'll never fall in love, again."

Since burying Ed Sclier, I've learned never to say the "n" word, again.

On this gray rainy day in February, my fingers tip-tapping a laptop computer at a wooden desk opposite a view of the Long Island Shore, I'm proof lightning can and does strike again!

He's older than me, by 9 years.

He's born and raised in the state of Connecticut.

He's huggable, lovable, adorable, wonderful.

And He loves me back!

I'm in love with this man. His name is Bob. I call him Robert.

Tonight is Date Night. Date Night is our catching a movie, my pick. After that, a stop at a local cafe, a diner, a pub, or some out-of-the-way, fun-filled place where we sit and cuddle.

Can't stay on. I need to turn down the dial under the burner of that pot of meatballs swimming in red gravy, comb my hair, then throw a log on the fire.

Robert will be home soon!

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone. Thanks for the visit. You have permission to stop by and see what it is I've been up to these past three plus years, and what it is I've become all about.


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