Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ed Edward Eddy, Time to Remember

Mourning Joy to All.

May 1, 2008 marked the 4 year anniversary of Edward Louis Sclier's passing.

I had planned to make one last entry to that day. But, I didn't. I just didn't find the time. I am happy to announce that I have moved forward with my life. I wish every widow, every widower, reading my words this foggy evening a smidgeon of joy like I did. is growing. Every time I think Griefcase is done, that it's over, that nobody's out there interested in reading my blog anymore, and I get ready to pack it up, pack it in, and shut the thing down, lo' and behold, an email pops the in-e-box, and like Al Pacino's famous line in The Godfather, "I get sucked back in, again..."

I don't mind.

So, to all individuals, past, present, and future, stopping by to read this blog, though you may not read me regular as you once did, please know this:

Need a shoulder to cry on?

Need an ear to listen?

Want a copy of my free ebook? I got two: Treasury of Quotations, and Mourning Joy, take your pick.

Just peck at the keyboard, jot me a word, a question, a request, maybe just make a comment. The address is:

Don't forget. I'm here for you, yes, I am.

Back to Griefcase. I plan to write more Griefcase blog entries, plan to write more free ezine articles.

If you're a widow with a story to tell, if you're a widow with some time on your hands, even if you're not, I'd be interested in learning more about you. I'm interested in volunteers to further Griefcase's cause. Like I said, Griefcase is growing, and I just can't go it alone any more.

Until we e-meet again,

Linda Della Donna

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