Friday, July 24, 2009

Got Will?

Dear Widows, And anyone else mourning the loss of a loved one,

Got will? Think you don't need a will?

Well, think again.

Did you know...

Nina Wang, in 2007, left her entire fortune--$4 billion--to a fortune teller.

That's a yupper.

His name is Tony Chan.

You may not recall the name Charles Vance Millar, but Chucky dear left everything he had to any woman who gave birth to the most babies in the ten years after his death.

Es verdad!

The year was 1926, the place was Toronto, and the late Mr. Millar was a rich lawyer.

Remember Marvel Comics?

Well, seems writer, Mark Gruenwald, upon his death specified that his ashes be mixed with ink and used in a comic book.

Then there's the one about the man who passed away in 1995. His name was Robert Miller and he did his part to reduce annoying traffic situations caused by double-parking. He bequeated $5,000 as reward money to police officers who write the most tickets for double-parking.

Think you've heard it all?

Well, not quite.

There's still the Wham-O frisbee tale to tell.

You know, that round yellow plastic thing created by a guy named Ed Hendrick.

Ed's dying request was that his ashes be molded into memorial frisbees with profits from sales given to a museum just for frisbees.

As anyone can see, any one can will any thing. And any will is better than no will. A will is easy to make. You may even be able to do it without a lawyer.

Check out computer stores for will-related software packages, bookstores for books on how to write one, and of course, there's always an online website waiting for you to find them. Simply do a word search at your favorite search engine site.

So what are you waiting for?

Have a joy-filled day, Everyone. And just remember, we're not alone.


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