Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Edward Louis Sclier

"...What a kicker. We don't have a choice." --Edward Louis Sclier

Today is Ed's birthday. As memories goldened by days gone by fill my brain, I can't help but ask the deafening question: What if?.

It is 5 years, 2 months, 23 days since I buried the best friend a girl ever had. I remember Ed's last birthday here, the one we shared before his death. We had no idea he was so ill. But that hot humid evening in 2003 when Ed stepped through the front door from his long day at the office, I recall vividly the twinkle in his eyes and the blush in his cheeks when I presented him with a chocolate birthday cake inscribed, "Happy Birthday, Ed" and threw my arms around him. "We made it," I said, referring to our longstanding plan, the one where we promised joint retirement from our day jobs, the one where we planned to spend the rest of our days traveling, gardening, writing, and taking time to savor a morning cup of coffee--together.

Today, as I sit sipping coffee, eyes raised to a sunrise and fingerhugging my pen, I'd like to think Edward Louis Sclier is standing over a long line of tomato plants, admiring the fruits of his labor.

*coffee mug raised high to the sky*

Here's to you, Honey. Happy Birthday!

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