Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Sunday

Coming again to life was a hard but good thing. Life was in front of me now; the glove had been thrown down. I could not back away from the world; my temperment and my curiosity about what lay ahead made certain of this. Life had to be taken up again: the ribbons, woven flat against the Maypole, had to be unwound.
--Kay Redfield Jamison
Good Mourning, Everyone!
Today is a Sunday. It is New Grandson's First Birthday.
There is little time to post. I'm late for the bakery to pick up a first birthday cake, late for the gathering planned at a distant location. My son and his wife, I call her "Daughter," are looking forward to seeing me. What joy!
Just stopping by to show you Grandson's Halloween picture--He's a monkey!
Mourning Quote:
"...Awareness is learning to keep yourself company." --Geneen Roth
Mourning Joy:
Why don't pigs drive cars?
Because they would become road hogs.
After we remember Him, why not pick up a pen and write something.
Go ahead. I dare you.
Have a joy filled day. And always remember, we're not alone.