Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alex the Parrot 1976 - 2007

"See you tomorrow. Be good. I love you."

--Alex the Parrot

He could count.

He could tell you what he wanted to eat.

He could put a smile on the face of anyone who met him.

Who was this? And why was he so extraordinary?

His name was Alex, short for Avian Learning Experiment, and he was a bird, an African Grey Parrot.

Purchased by animal psychologist, Irene Pepperberg, from an ordinary pet store when he was about one year old, Alex grew to become the world's most beloved bird. The subject of a 30-year experiment, Alex communicated his feelings, identified objects, and counted.

Alex was and will be remembered for his genius and intelligent use of the English language.

Today, Griefcase remembers Alex, and welcomes into the club nobody wants to join, Us...because everyone out here in cyberland was saddened by his death.

Hugs to Dr. Pepperberg and her amazing staff.

Mourning Quote:

"Say thank you to the people who teach you, support you, encourage you, and get you a cup of coffee."--Monica Sheehan

Mourning Joy:

Q: What's suntanned, quacks, and runs his country single-handed?

A: A South American duct-tator

After we remember Him, why not do what I do.

Set a clock timer for ten.

Pick up a fastest writing pen.

Open what I lovingly refer to as a JOY-nal...

And write something.

Go ahead. I dare you.

Have a joy-filled day, All. And remember this, we're not alone.

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