Sunday, December 13, 2009

Janet Elaine Smith--Interview coming soon...

Recently I emailed best-selling author, Janet Elaine Smith and requested an interview. Janet responded in kind with the following. I share it with you today as introduction for what is yet to come and to give insight to this marvelous author who just happens to be a widow...Or is it the other way around? Anyway, with Janet's permission and for your reading pleasure is her email to me.

...I'm off to make some yummy cranberry bar cookies, then snickerdoodles, then to organ/piano practice this afternoon and then a gal coming over to visit for a while. In between there someplace I have to finish up two magazine articles (both which involve some phone interviews).

Would you like a sneak peek at what I am doing for Christmas eve?

Our little church has a sort of talent show/cookie snack program. Two ladies who are also alone are going to come over here for oyster stew (I have a super good recipe if you want it). Ivan and I always had oyster stew for Christmas eve supper. The kids wouldn't touch it, so they had pizza. Never did any of us mix the two! LOL! We also had oyster stew at home on Christmas eve when I was growing up.

Anyway, for my talent part, I am going to tell about my Grandma Hallett (my dad's mom) and how she had a beautiful voice, but she seldom sang. But on Christmas she always sang Silent Night in German. (Her mom was German and her dad Swiss.) Then I'm going to play and sing the first verse in German. Then I will tell about my mom's music box that she got from her dad (Grandpa Snitzelbaum--long story about that name), and I will play a piano rendition like it was on her music box. Then I will tell about Silent Night in Venezuela and at the Mexican-American Christmas parties we always had for the kids in Grand Forks, and then I will sing the first verse in Spanish. Then I will play my own piano arrangement, a la Roger Williams style. LOL!

So, what do you think?

Well, Janet, I think you're one super lady who lends hope and inspiration to all us widows feeling a bit lonely wondering how we're going to get through the holidays without Him by our side.

Thanks for the email. Look forward to our interview--coming soon.


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