Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Ed Sclier

"...And sometime when I wasn't looking, I got a different life." --Linda Della Donna-Sclier

Today is my husband's birthday.

Had Ed Sclier lived. he would have turned age 71 today.

Ahhh, sweet memories.

All day I thought about Ed. The love we shared, the good times, the bad times, the funny in-between moments that filled our dreams with laughter and joy--all the things that made our daily lives.

It is six years since we kissed our last kiss. And a lot has happened in those years. A lot has not. Sorry, you'll just have to wait for the book.

Today was the day, minute to minute, I remembered the ordinary man who loved an ordinary woman in an extraordinary way. *wiping tear from eye*

And I'm just here to say, sure as tigers got tales, I believe Ed's some place special.

Here's to birthday wishes, buffalo cloud kisses, sky-sized hugs and whatever it is the dead do when celebrating an earth day event.

Happy Birthday, Edward Sclier, where ever you are!


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