Friday, February 10, 2017

ADK, Nothing, I Heart NY

Whenever the noise of city sounds and concrete views of parking lots fogs the landscape of my mind, when life's disappointments and seemingly endless broken promises rise up to haunt me, when mindless chatter from social media sates me, when I think I just can't take what life has dished out to me one more minute, that is when I head to the mountains to clear my brain. --Linda Della Donna

Morning is here. That loud noise that awakened me is the sound of bright sun breaking the clouds, the signal that my new day away from it all, has arrived.

It snowed last night. It painted the earth the color of white and everything old became new again.

I sat in the hotel lobby for a long longer longest time thinking about what to do. I could think of nothing. I have always wanted to do nothing. So, that's what I decided to do. Nothing.

I walked to the main street in search of nothing. Along the way, I stopped in a hat store. I tried on woolen hats with pompoms big as a fist, bunny fur hats with teddy bear ears and a black woolen cap resembling a kitty cat head dotted with satin and sequined bows and chatted with Kelly, the friendly salesperson. I wanted a hat, but couldn't make up my mind which hat to buy, and then I remembered today was my day to do nothing. So that's what I did.

I passed a hotel and read the sign for dog sled rides. I thought about that. But then I remembered today was my day to do nothing.

The main street was quiet. Nothing was happening. So I took a picture of nothing.

There was a cute pillow with a cute quotation sitting on wooden chair in a storefront window. I liked that pillow. I liked the embroidered quotation splayed across the front of that pillow. I liked it a lot. I thought about buying it, but I remembered today was my day to do nothing.

Doing a whole lot of nothing I worked up an appetite. I wandered into a restaurant.

A cup of onion soup with melted cheese, a cup of hot chocolate and slice of cheese cake for dessert and meeting the nicest server, owner, and another guest out doing nothing was a special treat. "Come back for dinner, we'll save your table."

My day was drawing to an end. It was time to head back to my hotel. I thought about seeing a movie. But then I remembered today was my day to do nothing.

Tomorrow is another day.

 See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"Come journal with me;
your book is yet to be."

Widow Tip: Find a happy place; make it your own.

Widow Quote: "Widow. The word consumes itself." --Sylvia Plath