Sunday, June 04, 2017

Open to Hope, Grand Central Station, Lost and Found in New York City

What is it about the Ceiling at Grand Central Station that makes me feel glad all over?

As every widow knows, Open to Hope is the online organization dedicated to individuals mourning the loss of a loved one with the mission to help people find hope after loss. Founded by Dr. Gloria Horsley and her daughter, Dr. Heidi Horsley, last night I was their invited guest for an upcoming cable t.v. show. These two women do awesome work and meeting them after all these many years as a widow made for an inspirational evening.

I snapped photos and want to share. And yes, I am grateful.

The Green Room
Here are Gloria and Heidi greeting everyone. 

 Singer and special guest, Bar Scott.
Awesome voice. All of her music she wrote herself.

 It was lights, camera and sound checks.
Before I knew it, I was in the audience and on a live t.v. set.

 L-R, Heidi Horsley, Gloria Horsley, Julie Groth, Bar Scott.

Heidi's son, Cameraman.

When the evening was done, there were group photos. 

Here's mine.
L-R, Heidi Horsley, Victoria Grinman, Linda Della Donna, Gloria Horsley

My face says it all. I was so happy, so honored and so very grateful to be a part of this show and to finally meet these wonderful women who gave me hope all those years back when I needed it most, after my husband died.

A Little Back Story:

I had butterflies.
 Here I am checking myself in the mirror before I head out the door to catch my train to NYC.

MetroNorth train to Grand Central was packed.
I got lucky. I got a seat.

 I arrived Grand Central with time to spare.
I did my people watching thing, then headed downstairs and grabbed a cup of tea.

I always have time to scribble a few lines. 

Dashing for the subway, I saw this married couple.
I couldn't resist snapping their photo.
I love happy news!

 The subway was packed. I wasn't sure which subway I should take. I got lost. I got found. I got lost again. 

Lesson Learned: Numbers going up means I'm traveling up town; numbers going down means I'm traveling down town; The number 6 train does not go to 59th Street, doesn't matter what the ticket seller man says; The BD train goes to Columbus Circle; and a grateful shout out to all the NYer helpful strangers guiding that strange woman lost in a hole in the ground. Without your help, I might have wound up in Boston.

 Walking 59th Street, I spotted this horse and carriage.
I always wanted to ride in one of these. Maybe some day. Maybe next trip to NYC.

 Somewhere between 10th and 11th Avenues.

 I could't believe it. I found it!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Just look at that sky.

 After taping the three shows for Open to Hope, everyone was invited for wine and cheese.
And pizza! I love pizza.

 It was a magical evening. I felt like Cinderella.
But all good things must come to an end
and before I knew it, it was time to head back to the subway, back to Grand Central and back to my home.

 Eureka! I found the subway.
I found the BD train.

I spent time getting lost in the subway, again, searching for the MetroNorth exit to Grand Central, but I found it. Here I am dashing to Track 108 to catch the 9:28 p.m. back to Westchester.

If anyone is wondering if I had a good time, the answer is, "You betcha!"

Widow Tip: Follow your dreams. Create courage to step outside your comfort zone. And most of all, be open to hope.

Widow Quotation: Be kind to widows, we have friends in high places.