Monday, January 01, 2018

So Long, Goodbye, Adieu, Griefcase, The End

"Be kind to widows. We have friends in high places."
--Linda Della Donna

My book, "A Gift of Love," is written. And my promise to Ed Sclier is fufilled. 

It's been a good run, but the time is come for me to officially shut down Griefcase. I have mountains yet to climb and many pages yet to write. Just from a different place in my life.

Feel free to visit as often as you like. Griefcase blog will remain, hopefully to shine a light into a visitor's darkness and give hope that if this widowed writer can make it through the grief process, so can you.

I'm enclosing some photos of who I once was and the person I continue to be.

Wishing you and yours what I lovingly refer to as mourning joy all the days of your lives, a very Bright Happy Healthy Prosperous and Peaceful 2018. 

Happy New Year!

Ed and the Luckiest Woman in the World
some 15 years ago
at a friend's wedding. 

 Celebrating dreams fulfilled.

The Luckiest Grandma in the World.

See you in print,

Linda Della Donna
"It's not about what's over the rainbow.
It's more about the yellow brick road,
the people we meet, and the friends we make along the way."